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I always try to tell ppl this. But everyone thinks you have to choose one or the other. God is to great for either or. You just have to put twice as much effort in both. I want both, period!
Thinking of doing a cross country road trip from NJ to San Diego November 7-16. Models looking to book dates for videos and or photos let me know what state your in. For more details Inbox me. #bookings #crosscountry #usa #videoshoot #photoshoot #model #america
Just saw the Equalizer, defiantly a good movie.
No one puts baby in a corner. Lol. Never watched this movie all the way through.
In this DC traffic. At least it’s a nice day out.
Ahhh no matter how old I get im still a hopeless romantic.
Watching Benjamin Button while I work on some brands. One of my fav movies.
SMH! Lol
Tried something different this morning. Egg whites in a sautéed onion ring with shredded cheddar cheese and turkey bacon. Tomato and spinach on top on toasted pumpernickel rye bread. Bam! Breakfast suckas. #goodeats #breakfast